About Us

SONAREZ is a clothing brand that resonates with dreamers, go-getters, and individuals who believe in pushing boundaries. Established in 2018 by a group of visionaries who were brought up in an environment where their aspirations and concepts were their sole possessions, SONAREZ aims to ignite the fire within others to chase their dreams fearlessly.











Our founding team thrives on the idea of inspiring individuals to break free from the limitations that society often imposes. We understand that every person is unique, with their ambitions and dreams waiting to be fulfilled. At SONAREZ, we don't just create great clothing; we build an entire lifestyle that embraces the audacity to dream big, to conquer fears, and to live life to the fullest.












SONAREZ is a brand that draws its inspiration from the fusion of languages and cultures. Incorporating elements from both Spanish and Italian, our name is a blend of the words "SONAR" and "SOGNARE" which both convey the powerful concept of dreaming. By embracing this universal theme, SONAREZ aims to awaken the dreamer within each individual, encouraging them to pursue their passions and live a life filled with limitless possibilities. We aspired to invent a distinct word that would embody our vision, while also exemplifying the distinctive style we strive to incorporate into our designs. In every piece we create, we strive to capture the essence of dreams and infuse it with style and innovation, providing our customers with an exclusive, transcendent experience. 



Our logo below symbolizes elevation and serves as a reminder to always maintain an upward perspective. Additionally, an intriguing feature of the logo is that when split in half, it forms the letters S and Z, which happen to be the first and last letters of our name, SONAREZ.

No matter how insurmountable the obstacles may appear, everything starts with a dream. Possibilities are boundless, so embrace the opportunity to live your dreams!

 S O N A R E Z