About Us

SONAREZ  we are a team of visionaries. We were raised in an environment where our goals and ideas was all we had to our name. SONAREZ was founded in 2018 by dreamers who goal was to inspire others to live their dreams by creating a brand and lifestyle for those who have no limits. 











The name SONAREZ comes from a combination of two different languages Spanish and Italian. The words "SONAR” & "SOGNARE” which both mean "To Dream". 











Our dream was to create a unique word we felt would represent our vision, but also a word that would have that unique style which we also aim to bring to our designs.   

Our logo below is a respersentation of elevation and a reminder to always look up. If you split the logo in half it also creates a S & Z which are the first and last letter of our name SONAREZ.

No matter how impossible things may seem, Everything begins with a dream.

There are no limits, Live Your Dreams !

 S O N A R E Z