About Us

Here at SONAREZ we are a team of visionaries. We were raised in an environment where our goals and ideas was all we had to our name. SONAREZ was founded in 2017 by Stephen Cruz. The name SONAREZ comes from the words "SOGNARE" & "SONAR" which both mean "To Dream" one in Italian & the other in Spanish. Our dream was to create a unique word we felt would represent our vision, but also a word that would have that unique Spanish & Italian flavor which we also aim to bring to our designs. 

Stephen Cruz was born and raised in Boston, MA but after high school relocated to Orlando, FL. Since the age of 13, he has been mastering his craft as not only a designer but a photographer as well. In April 2017 with the help of his younger brother's Manny Cruz investment, Stephen introduced his first collection to the world. The first collection sold out, so they set out to make the vision bigger. 

A dream of his was to create a clothing line that would inspire others to believe in themselves and live their dreams. In 2018 Stephen decided to include his childhood friends Christian Mejia & Matt Dias to help grow the brand. Stephen over the years has teamed up with designers from different countires to come up with the different collections for Sonarez. The Sonarez designers use simplicity, consistency, and inspiring designs to inspire you to Live your Dreams. We believe here at Sonarez that everything begins with a dream. You just have to believe & work hard to make those dreams come to life.

Everything begins with a dream

There are no limits 

Live Your Dreams 

 S O N A R E Z